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Reasons why you should hire a virtual wedding planner

What is a virtual wedding
rather than a
traditional wedding planner?

A traditional wedding planner is someone who sources and liaises with your suppliers, provides timelines and budgets, attends your menu tasting and is on hand on the big day to ensure everything goes smoothly. It is often the practice of a traditional wedding planner to receive a commission from your suppliers on top of their wedding planning fee (neither Bella Weddings In Spain or Online Wedding Company do this) so you may find suppliers are upselling their services when they are not always needed and this can increase your budget.

So, what is a virtual wedding planner? Is it a real ‘thing’? Yes it is! Hiring a traditional wedding planner has always been seen as a luxury, not a necessity but with today’s busy couples and their stressful lives hiring a virtual wedding planner is becoming more and more acceptable and a valuable part of the wedding planning process. Think of a virtual wedding planner (or coach as we like to call it) as like having a professional in the family; expert advice, tips and tricks of the trade and a huge amount of experience just a phone call, message or email away.

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5 Reasons why you should hire a
virtual wedding planner/consultant:



A virtual wedding planner can be an affordable alternative to a traditional wedding planning service without skipping out altogether on hiring a professional. Here at Online Wedding Company Lisa and Michelle have over 800 weddings between them so we have seen it all. We know where to cut costs and suggest alternative solutions which saves you time and money. We are totally transparent and, as your virtual wedding consultants we are not affiliated with any of your chosen vendors so can be completely impartial to what you really want and need. We believe our services pay for themselves.



Unless you have tons of time on your hands to spare and enjoy spending time knee-deep in contracts, mood boards, budgeting etc then you are more likely to be trying to juggle work, life, and kids and now you have to navigate planning a wedding which is something you have never done before. The wedding planning checklists usually seem fun at first but can quickly become overwhelming as your lists get longer and the big day gets closer. We can help you behind the scenes with all the mundane tasks and more importantly we are able to answer all the questions that would have taken you a lot of time to research.


Access to a Professional

We have the knowledge that most couples getting married do not have. We know what to look for in your vendors and their contracts. We know how to set up your reception and if you are DIY’ing your decor we can give you some of the best tricks of the trade. We know how your timeline should flow, handling your budget, what you are forgetting (believe us when we say there is almost always something overlooked) and what will and will not work. Magazines and online resources are great but they won’t help you answer those questions keeping you awake at night, but we are sure that we can 😉


Text, Email and Videocall support

While it is true that some of your friends will probably think they know better as they planned their own weddings alone, this is your wedding and if you want support and impartial advice that is your choice alone. There will be times when you need a quick answer or bit of advice without having to Google it and read through 20 articles to find that info. We can help answer with a quick text or email. And, as we mentioned before, we offer unbiased advice specifically to help you find solutions.


Peace of Mind

Your wedding is probably one of the most important events you will ever plan. Everyone you care about will be there. The last thing you want on your wedding day is extra stress like ‘Did I do that?’, ‘How will so-and-so know how to do X?’; ‘Who is going to do Y?’ By hiring a virtual wedding planner, you are taking away the responsibility of having to think of everything yourselves. The planning process will be so much easier and that peace of mind is priceless. Life will still carry on throughout your wedding planning process and sometimes we can be thrown curveballs. Knowing your virtual wedding consultant has your back and best interests at heart can help keep you sane and on track.

If you’re a DIY couple and you think you can handle most of the planning yourself, then a virtual wedding consultant would be the perfect choice for you.

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